2015 Multi-Family Investor of the Year



This award is given to the individual who has gone beyond residential single-family investing and excelled in this asset class. Winners have shown an affinity for making Multi-Family investing a business and are willing to share their strategies with others.

chan_rinco_cheung_wendy_bc_mf_investor_20151203_1.jpgWENDY CHEUNG, PETER CHEUNG, AND RINCO CHAN – BC

Diamond Pin award winners Wendy and Peter Cheung and Rinco Chan have been REIN Members since April and February 2008, respectively. They have had another successful year in 2015, completing a project in Calgary, amalgamating four lots to build 57 condos, developing five acres of land for 52 townhouses in Chestermere, and rezoning 6 acres of land to develop 140 townhouses in Port Edwards. They’ve also added 140 mixed-use properties including townhouses and duplexes in Strathmore, to their portfolio.

This team has a reputation for always providing first-rate service, attention, education, and fun to both their clients and others interested in real estate. Wendy, Peter, and Rinco received multiple glowing nomination comments from Members, citing Peter as a “visionary and an extraordinary leader who also has a compassion for humanity and the community” and Rinco as someone who “always manages expectations and ensures great service”.

Their excellent service stems from the belief that many real estate investors simply need a strong team of experts to guide them to success.

gatchalian_kevin_ont_mf_investor_20151202.jpgKEVIN GATCHALIAN – Ontario

A Silver Pin award winner, Kevin joined REIN in April 2009, and closed on his first multi-family, 20-unit building in Edmonton this year.

His journey into multi-family investing has led to the expansion of his consulting company, and the practiced ability to leverage his time. Kevin makes education and relationship development priorities, and believes that these create benefits that outstrip the acquisition of property.

He has spent 2015 as connecting, encouraging, and advising people inside and outside of REIN. Because he values professional connections, Kevin is often seen at REIN events helping individuals connect with Members and Non-Members in a mutually beneficial manner. He believes in the power of connecting people, taking chances, and placing trust in someone, and advocates this to all the individuals he is able to help reach their goals.

marler_darcy_ab_south_mf_investor_20151201.jpgDARCY MARLER – Alberta South

A Platinum Pin award winner, Darcy joined REIN in July 2010, and purchased 2 multi-family buildings in 2015: a 12-unit building in Edmonton and an 11-unit building in Red Deer. He is also the author of two real estate books that are currently under consideration of publication.

Darcy is not afraid of a challenge. He selects apartment buildings desperately in need of renovations, fixes them up, and refinances them. For example, this year he purchased a 60 year old, 12-unit building complete with bugs and asbestos, and one of the units had been closed for two years under a Capital Health order. It is currently undergoing some major changes and the results are imminently clear.

In addition to his property successes in 2015, Darcy has been an influential individual in the REIN community. Members and Non-Members who have seen him speak, whether he is giving a speech or chatting at a table in the back of a REIN meeting, are interested and inspired by Darcy. They continue to come back to him, even years after speaking, to explain how he was a part of their current success.

AJ SLIVINSKI – Alberta North

A Platinum and Multi-Family Gold Pin award winner, AJ joined REIN in April 2004, and has added a 34-unit townhouse complex to his portfolio this year.

Referring to himself as “the poster child for the REIN system,” AJ demonstrates what can be achieved by following the system and not losing focus. Beginning his portfolio with a small bachelor apartment, his largest acquisition to date has been an apartment building with 50 doors. AJ buys and sells apartments in Edmonton. He currently owns 233 doors and 8 buildings after selling 62 doors and 3 buildings.  

After joining REIN and writing a detailed Belize statement, years later AJ and his wife were able to retire from corporate life and live out their Belize.

2014 Winners: James Knull, Dean Leischner, Michael Ponte, Niran Kulathungam


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