A Curious Mind Inspires Possibility

On May 19, 2020

What will the “new world” look like after COVID-19? What response areas and relevant streams of understanding do all businesses need to contemplate in the context of market demand and client appetite? These are questions most of us are asking ourselves as we consider what life and business will be like going forward. Ultimately, transparency and trust will […]

Are You Ready for What’s Next?

On May 13, 2020

Dave Steele is the CEO of Western Canadian Properties Group, a developer focused on working with investors in the top high growth markets in North America. Dave recently joined Patrick Francey and JG Francoeur to talk about his keynote topic for REIN’s COVID Crisis Conference: Strategies, Opportunities, Solutions.  Are you ready for what’s next? Do you […]

Your Is-ness is Our Business

On May 11, 2020

Training for adversity is one thing, but when faced with the reality of adversity, how do we thrive and persevere through it? COVID-19 is impacting individuals, businesses, communities, and the economy on a global level—how are you dealing with it? How we deal with adversity is what sets champions apart, according to Steffany Hanlen, Olympic and NHL Performance Coach. […]

Opportunity Amidst Chaos

On May 11, 2020

Gary Mauris is the co-founder, president, and CEO of Dominion Lending Centres; CEO of Mortgage Centre Canada; and Chairman of Mortgage Architects. As an expert in the field, Gary has a unique perspective on mortgages and real estate markets across Canada during this global pandemic.  With concern comes opportunity—which is exactly what Gary is doing with the current COVID crisis. Gary will be taking the virtual stage […]

Aligning Opportunity to Grow Stronger

On May 4, 2020

The economic fallout is real. Regardless of the viewpoint of what this may or may not be on a global level, real economic crisis is happening. As the president & CEO of Dominion Lending Centres, Gary shares his perspective of the mortgage and banking industry amid COVID-19, and the potential recovery and pent-up demand after a pandemic.  […]

The Response is Everything

On April 20, 2020

Grit isn’t only about facing and overcoming huge challenges in our lives. Sometimes, it’s about facing the hour-to-hour reality of working at home with your whole family in self-isolation, job loss, or caring for a sick loved one. The work is in mastering our core response, particularly as a role model for our family.  When things go wrong, what we […]

Heeding the Call to a Courageous Life

On April 7, 2020

Why do people choose to be unhappy? Which qualities does strong leadership require? What kind of impact can you make?   Philip shares how our biggest impact usually stems from the things that come most naturally to us, and they typically don’t occur in epic proportions. He shares a few defining moments in his life which he used to fortify his purpose, not diminish it.  On […]

In It to Win It Together

On March 25, 2020

You’ve heard it said numerous times already: We are in unprecedented times. Though the full impact of COVID-19 on economic conditions is still unknown, there are actions and steps we can take in the face of such uncertainty.  Innovation is showing up in a big way across the board. A new normal has emerged, and REIN is stepping up as a leader in innovation. The […]

The Intersection of Intellect & Heart

On March 10, 2020

From India to Canada in 2009, Kunal Mohindra’s mantra as a student was to maximize his education to give himself a kick-start. With a master’s degree in Pharmacy, he landed a stable job and started exploring the possibilities of entrepreneurship with his wife who was expecting their first child. An accomplished real estate investor and […]

Cash (Flow) is King – Kyle Green | The Green Mortgage Team

On March 2, 2020

According to The Green Mortgage Team Owner Kyle Green, “Cash is king.” Alberta is a cash flow play right now and Kyle says cash flow is probably THE most important thing to financing. “When a lender decides whether they’re going to lend to you or I, it all comes down to debt servicing. So they […]