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Alberta’s Real Estate Market – What’s Next?

On February 23, 2015


Want to Invest in a Small Community? Here’s how to Market Your Suite!

On October 30, 2014

This is probably not the answer you want to hear, but I personally would not invest in a property in a small community of 3000 people or so. My answer is in part motivated by my experience as a former manager at CMHC’s multi-family default management department in the Prairie Region. The very few defaults […]

5 Questions to Help You Determine Your Intentions for Investing

On October 16, 2014

By Richard Dolan “People don’t buy what you do, or how you do it; they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek

How to Decrease Expenses While Adding Value to Your Building

On October 10, 2014

By Kyle Pulis Market reports continue to show the multifamily real estate market in Canada is booming, as investors capitalize on the open lending environment and renting remains a viable option for millions who are not ready to dive into marketplace. But one of the ?hot topics? of discussion across investors? meetings recently has been […]

The 5 Do’s and 6 Don’ts of Successful Investors

On October 8, 2014

By Don R Campbell The sad reality is that so many investors, especially those just starting out, become obsessed with NOT making mistakes and therefore never begin to create the “Action & Successes” that can easily erase the mistake. That’s like focussing on just the expenses of a property and not raising the rents to […]

What You Need to Know about the Edmonton Market

On October 7, 2014

By Ben MyersI really enjoy following Don Campbell on Twitter; he often links to very informative and educational articles and market news. What I can’t help but notice is he has been linked to a lot of articles about Alberta lately, and all are extremely positive about the employment and housing prospects for the province. […]

10 Easy Steps to Understanding the Foreclosure Process

On October 6, 2014

By Randy DyckJudge, Jury, and Executioner—a literal term that originated back in the 1600-1700’s—is a strong, powerful, and extreme way of saying who is in charge. The Judge, Jury, and Executioner have the ultimate power to get rid of whomever they chose. Today, we know this as a figurative term. It is spoken when we […]

Are We in the Dark with Real Estate Statistics?

On September 29, 2014

Some real estate brokers in Nova Scotia have built an online database of open-access market information which allows prospective buyers to get property information such as sales history and number of days on market without going through a Realtor®. This has caused some waves, especially with the Toronto Real Estate Board, who is set to […]

Petronas threatens to pull their BC LNG project – Why?

On September 25, 2014

Your Ultimate Guide to Alternative Real Estate Investments

On September 24, 2014