The New Frontier of Real Estate Investment Education: Mentorship

On June 15, 2015

Being the Stand for What is Possible

On April 7, 2015

Use Analysis to Build a Portfolio to Weather the Inevitable Storms

On April 1, 2015

Three Property Analysis Pitfalls

On March 14, 2015

This Investor Struggled To Find a JV Partner. Then Something Happened

On January 12, 2015

Are you an investor who is looking to work with funding or joint venture partners? If it feels like you’ve hit a brick wall then check out this blog post for a solution that could change everything for you. Take a poll among investors and you’ll find that one of the biggest, thorniest problems they […]

Ask an Expert with Adam Hoffman

On December 8, 2014

Are buildings constructed after a certain date exempt from rent increase guidelines in Ontario? Do renovations or zoning changes affect this date?Yes, here are significant distinctions on this that I have included below. You can also (try) to increase above the rent increase guideline amount based on increases in your costs (restrictions apply such as […]

8 Principles of Real Estate Investing

On December 4, 2014

By Patrick Francey How is it that for some people having success in real estate investing just seems so darn easy, while others never seem to achieve the success they expect or they struggle to even get started? At REIN, you are more than just a Member of our community and a user of our […]

What You Need to know about Title Insurance & Real Property Reports

On November 27, 2014

By Darren Richards You found yourself the perfect house in which to invest. Your goal is to hold on to it, rent it out (with a commercial rent contract, or a residential one), and then sell when you are ready to retire to a Caribbean beach. The Seller doesn’t have and never obtained a Real […]

Real Estate from a New Investor Perspective

On November 24, 2014

By Investing in real estate is, and has really always been, a hot topic. Opinions on the health of a specific real estate market often come from all ends of the spectrum (from boom to bust) even though the facts and data are exactly the same. A market pessimist will see data and say the […]

Comparing Returns from the Canadian & US Stock Markets to Residential Returns

On November 17, 2014

By David Franklin There seems to be a large lack of knowledge when it comes to the stock market and investing. Even though there are free, informative resources like available online, people are stilling going into investing completely blind without doing any research. This leads to big mistakes being made and losts of money […]