What a Renovation Can Teach You About Leadership

On June 6, 2017

By Niran Kulathungam

Ask an Expert with Brian Pulis and Adam Hoffman

On October 3, 2014

Do What You Love, and the Money Will Follow

On September 30, 2014

By Richard Dolan Longtime friend, author and world renowned speaker, Robin Sharma, once shared with me during a tea, “Do what you love and the money will follow.” Since then, I’ve learned to live and lead in life from these words of wisdom and appreciate the gift of success it’s provided me. Sharma, who is […]

Are You Meeting or Beating Expectations?

On September 22, 2014

3 Key Steps to a Successful Real Estate Investment Business

On August 29, 2014

By Brian PulisDoes cash flow keep you up at night? Or do you find there just isn’t enough time in the day to accomplish all that there is to do? You’re not alone! Many business owners find that these two areas are the cause of most of their stress.  As a real estate investor, I’ve […]

Ask an Expert: Why You Need a Reserve Fund!

On August 26, 2014

When buying an investment property, every investor will have capital for a down payment. But how many have a reserve fun in place to mitigate the risk of unexpected damages, upgrade, or vacancies?

Ask an Expert with Domenic Mandato & Pierre-Paul Turgeon

On August 15, 2014

How often should you be visiting your multi-family building? What should you be looking at during your visits? Much of this depends on the location of the building compared to where you live and if you are self-managing or have a third-party property manager. We use a third party property manager who visits the property […]

The State of REIN: What YOU Need to Know About YOUR Community!

On July 9, 2014

By Patrick FranceyI recognize, as the CEO of REIN, there are many people that hold an implicit or implied stake in our community, education, and direction. They can include fellow REIN Members (old and new), REIN management, REIN staff, as well as REIN Faculty. They ask, ‘What’s the current state of affairs for REIN as […]

Four Steps to a Purposeful and Profitable Partnership

On June 9, 2014

By Richard Dolan The power of partnership is about getting what you need and optimally monetizing what you’ve got. I have personally observed and learned from having worked with some of the world’s top global thinkers and thought leaders that building and leveraging purposeful and profitable partnerships is the key to achieving goals with velocity. […]

Planning for the Business of Investing in Real Estate

On February 11, 2014