Building Real Estate Wealth: From Refugee to Retiree

On July 22, 2017

Transitioning into Full Time Real Estate with Erwin Szeto

On July 20, 2017

Funding a Trip to 20 Countries with Real Estate

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A Family Reunited: The Power of Real Estate

On July 14, 2017

Living a Limitless Life through Real Estate Investing

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Finances, Freedom, Family & Friends

On July 9, 2017

Flat Tires, Drilling Rigs and Real Estate

On July 3, 2017

REIN Real Estate Portfolio Manager Launches January 2017

On January 27, 2017

With the first month of 2017 coming to a close, you might be in need of a little help to stay true to your New Year’s resolution. You are not alone! And if your resolution was to keep your real estate portfolio more organized, we have a solution for you!

Why I Left the Financial District for Real Estate

On July 16, 2016

Inspired by the HGTV house flipping specials that we’ve all seen on TV, Jose began investing in real estate nine years ago at the age of 24. Without the support of a good team or a good understanding of fix and flips, Jose went over budget, over-improved his property, listed too high and ended up […]

We’ve been BREWing up a little something at REIN…

On July 14, 2015