Anything is Possible

On May 21, 2019


A Life Less Ordinary

On May 7, 2019


Following the Systems to Success

On April 23, 2019


A Growth Mindset

On April 9, 2019


A Mission of Empowerment

On March 26, 2019


Committed to the Process

On March 12, 2019


Finding Success in Others’ Successes

On May 5, 2017


Leaving Law Enforcement for Entrepreneurship

On March 21, 2017

In this episode of The Everyday Millionaire Patrick Francey is joined by friend and REIN Member Andrea Warkentin to discuss her journey through policing, motherhood, real estate investing and entrepreneurship.

Don R. Campbell’s Journey to Becoming an Everyday Millionaire

On February 17, 2017


PODCAST: Don R. Campbell on Millennial-Driven Real Estate

On March 17, 2016

  Don R. Campbell was recently interviewed on the “Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever” Podcast with Joe Fairless.  Listen in to hear Don discuss the effect millennials will have on the market, and why you need to be ahead of the curve when investing in millennial-driven real estate.   {{cta(‘5510749d-c854-4e57-a2b1-ca60ac46ede8′,’justifycenter’)}}