Professional Development

Finding a Realtor is Like Finding a Doctor

On May 30, 2014

By Randy Dyck If you have ever had a serious health issue, you more than likely have spent countless hours in doctors’ offices. Your first visit would have been with your family doctor, followed by a referral to one or more specialists. The health care industry runs and functions on referrals and specialists. The purpose […]

Traits to Avoid as a Real Estate CEO

On May 23, 2014

By Don R. Campbell Whether you come from a corporate background or a blue collar background, you will most likely have been given a job description that details your areas of responsibility. Well, guess what? As a real estate investor, you also have a job description. In fact, you start right at the top of […]

Perfecting Your Pocket Pitch to Investors

On May 15, 2014

By Richard Dolan Screenwriters, musicians, inventors and real estate investment business owners search every day for a window of opportunity to capture the attention of a potential investor, buyer, or partner. They know they have all of about thirty seconds to make a first impression, state a case, peak an interest and gain permission to […]

The Basics of Running a Real Estate Investment Business

On May 13, 2014

By Patrick FranceyOver the past several years, when real estate investors hear Don R Campbell make the statement, ?Treat your real estate investing like a business? the questions that generally follow are, What does that mean??, and How do I do that?? and Why is that important??

Managing Your Renovation to Maximize Returns and Minimize Headaches

On April 14, 2014

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On April 8, 2014


The RRSP Effect: Link Your RRSPs to Real Estate

On February 13, 2014


Following and Repeating a System Lead to Amazing Results for One Real Estate Investor

On January 31, 2014

Looking Back to Focus On The Future Lying Ahead

On January 15, 2014

The 2013 REIN Investor Awards

On December 13, 2013