Is New Westminster an optimal place to invest?

On April 5, 2017

“New Westminster, a true transportation hub, is just beginning its revitalization. Access to Vancouver without having to go over a bridge, multiple SkyTrain routes, revitalization of the historic downtown and waterfront are all going to make New Westminster one of the hottest destinations over the coming decade. Opportunities will arise for patient investors, developers and […]

Hamilton Transit Update

On March 17, 2017

Special guest research blog by nine-year veteran REIN Member Erwin “Mr. Hamilton” Szeto of

Why is Victoria an optimal place to invest?

On November 28, 2016

“Victoria used to be known just for its weather, the government and beautiful tourist destination. That is no longer the case as Victoria has become a vibrant and dynamic economy with a growing diversity in both economic engines and demographics.” – Don R. Campbell, Senior Analyst

The Impact of Immigration on the Housing Market

On March 15, 2016


Competition continues to drive Metro Vancouver’s housing market

On September 4, 2015

Why Real Estate Investors Fail – My 4 Observations

On August 9, 2015

By William Charlton Many books and articles have been written on “how to be a successful real estate investor”. However, after spending the past decade working with hundreds of real estate investors, I’ve seen far more failed investors than I have truly successful ones. So I gave it some thought as to why real estate […]

Calgary Housing Forecast: Job Loss, High Rents, Bad Secondary Suite Policy

On July 30, 2015

By Melanie Reuter

Addressing the Gap: A Fraser Valley Perspective on the Real Estate Market

On July 21, 2015

Millennials want Houses not Condos – WHAT?!?

On May 23, 2015

The American Dream is Dead

On April 13, 2015

By Ben Myers, Senior Vice President, Market Research and Analysis, Fortress Real Developments