CMHC Housing Market Outlook – BC Regional Highlights

On February 21, 2015

The CMHC just released their 2015 First Quarter Housing Market Outlook for BC. The report looks at the number of housing starts expected for the year, the existing MLS® home sales, and the MLS® average price forecasts. Here’s a quick summary of where things stand for the BC Region in 2015 as well as where […]

5 Drivers of Future Job Growth Areas

On October 2, 2014

By Allyssa Epp As an investor, you want to be sure you are investing in real estate in a community with a future, not a past. There are key drivers and market influencers that affect both the current and future value of every piece of real estate. An astute investor analyzes each of these for […]

Are We in the Dark with Real Estate Statistics?

On September 29, 2014

Some real estate brokers in Nova Scotia have built an online database of open-access market information which allows prospective buyers to get property information such as sales history and number of days on market without going through a Realtor®. This has caused some waves, especially with the Toronto Real Estate Board, who is set to […]

Petronas threatens to pull their BC LNG project – Why?

On September 25, 2014

Full-time Income, Part-time Work!

On August 21, 2014

Ask an Expert: How big should your first investment property be?

On July 23, 2014

Calgary Bubble: Time For a Mid-2014 Realty Check

On July 16, 2014

By Don R. Campbell Be There or Be Square In 2014 the Calgary real estate market is gaining a reputation as THE PLACE to be. The market seems very hot, some would say too hot (oh no, not the dreaded bubble word), while others keep making random guesses as to what’s driving it. Speculation and […]

NEW: Top Ontario Investment Towns Report

On June 3, 2014

Get Your Ducks in a Row When Buying Multi-Family Properties

On May 13, 2014

Trade Houses For Buildings… Was Monopoly Right All Along?

On May 8, 2014