Mindset Matters: Community-Culture-Environment

On October 6, 2022

Mindset Matters: Community-Culture-Environment Each of these words stands alone in their meaning but collectively, when linked, provide a powerful context that can drive success. The ethos of an organization, the defining standards of a team, the agreement by a group of individuals who come together, to work, to create, to make a difference. Listen in […]

Builder Tips: Getting Great Lot Inventory

On October 5, 2022

This post is written by Trusted Partner, AMRIK. To become a contributing editor, please contact our Real Estate Investor Solutions Specialist, David Maxwell at david@reincanada.com. As a builder, the dream is to have access to prime lot inventory in new developments. AMRIK, an industry leader in community development, offers advisory services to home builders on […]

Is Now the Right Time to Invest in Real Estate?

On October 4, 2022

This post is written by Trusted Partner, Equiton. To become a contributing editor, please contact our Real Estate Investor Solutions Specialist, David Maxwell at david@reincanada.com. The housing market has been a hot topic this year. There’s been no end to speculation about what’s in store. Investors in particular wish they had a foolproof way to […]

Sell Yourself. Build the Brand of Trust.

On October 4, 2022

Special Guest: Cindy McGovern Dr. Cindy McGovern is the founder of Orange Leaf Consulting, which helps organizations, entrepreneurs, and individuals create dynamic and robust sales processes. Before launching her business, Cindy was a college professor of communication as well as a successful sales professional. She has worked with hundreds of organizations of all sizes and […]

Mindset Matters: Reticular Activating System

On September 29, 2022

Mindset Matters: Reticular Activating System Patrick’s periwinkle Porsche…  We don’t see things in life as they are, we see things as WE are. The more we can alter ourselves the more we can see the world differently. Join Patrick and Steffany as they share insights into our Reticular Activating System.  

Mindset Matters: Perception Perspective

On September 22, 2022

Mindset Matters: Perception Perspective The popular Wayne Dyer quote, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change,” could be the perfect mantra to guide us in navigating our shifting and changing world. Join Patrick and Steffany on the latest episode of Mindset Matters as they share some insights […]

Insight & Wisdom of an Experienced Entrepreneur

On September 20, 2022

Special Guest: David Morrison After beginning his career as a lawyer, David founded Morrison Financial Services Limited in 1987 with the objective of providing tailored asset-based financing to small and medium-sized businesses. David enjoys every aspect of his role, from being a member of the credit committee, to planning and steering his company’s development, and […]

Mindset Matters: Mental Toughness

On September 15, 2022

Mindset Matters: Mental Toughness What is your adversity quotient, (AQ) emotional quotient, (EQ) pain tolerance, laser focus, and your ability to make decisions? These are just a very few examples of what many who are looking to evolve to be their best selves consider. In this episode, Patrick and Steffany consider the foundation that these […]

Mindset Matters: Gossip

On September 8, 2022

Mindset Matters: Gossip It’s toxic to a work environment, causes riffs and breakdowns in relationships, and in friendships; yet most are guilty of doing it…what is it? Gossip. Join Patrick and Steffany as they unpack some of the layers of what many don’t even realize they are participating in, nor do they realize the negative […]

Fired Up To Authentically Live Life To Its Fullest

On September 6, 2022

Special Guest: Alex Weber Alex Weber is an International Keynote Speaker, Award-Winning Host for NBC, competitor on the Emmy-nominated series, American Ninja Warrior, and Author of the book, Fail Proof: Become the Unstoppable You.  Alex also knows what it feels like to hit challenges, self-doubt, uncertainty, and failures— and how you can overcome them. Alex […]