Don R. Campbell Does Radio: Vancouver, Foreign Buyers and More

On May 4, 2017

Our Senior Analyst Don R. Campbell joined Joannah Connolly on Roundhouse Radio’s The Real Estate Therapist this past weekend for a wide-ranging conversation on current events and their impact on real estate in Canada. And now the recording of their show is available online.

Don R. Campbell on Canadian Real Estate Markets

On August 23, 2016

Don R. Campbell was on BNN for two separate  segments last week. In his first segment he looks at the impact B.C.’s foreign investor property tax is having on real estate markets.

BC To Tax Foreign Buyers: A Good Decision, or Just Politics?

On July 28, 2016

By Peter Kinch

What an empty home tax would mean for Vancouver

On June 23, 2016

Real estate analyst Peter Kinch was interviewed this morning on CTV regarding the proposed new vacant home tax. Should Vancouver have a vacant home tax, or not? Find out in the clip below: 

Overheated Housing Markets – More Finger Pointing?

On June 4, 2016

By Peter Kinch

Lessons for the Lower Mainland

On May 21, 2016

On Saturday, May 14, Don R. Campbell spent an hour speaking at Roundhouse Radio in Vancouver about many subjects.

The Real Estate Doppler Effect

On May 5, 2016

By Don R. Campbell

Land Prices in Vancouver Drive Need for Solutions

On April 16, 2016

By Don R. Campbell

Don R. Campbell on Vancouver’s Housing Market

On March 31, 2016

Foreign Ownership Not the Cause of Low Vacancy in Vancouver

On March 26, 2016