Perfecting Your Pocket Pitch to Investors


By Richard Dolan

Screenwriters, musicians, inventors and real estate investment business owners search every day for a window of opportunity to capture the attention of a potential investor, buyer, or partner. They know they have all of about thirty seconds to make a first impression, state a case, peak an interest and gain permission to discuss, explore or review – this is what happens during a startup pitch, but your experience can differ.

Inside the world of your real estate investment business, first consider when you present your opportunity, the prospect is not listening so much to the words you are speaking as they are listening to how you are saying them. They are listening for what I?ve come to learn are The Three C?s. The Three C?s indicate the quality of your character and speak to the power and pedigree of your real estate investment business owner?s conviction, confidence and clarity.

The only way to find, open, and be invited through doors of opportunity is to design, develop, and deliver a series of ?pocket pitches? about your real estate investment product or service infused with the Three C?s.

A Pocket Pitch is an informal, off the cuff, general ?commercial? of who you are, what problem you solve, and why it might matter to the listener. It?s generally thirty to ninety seconds long. Not to be confused with a PowerPoint or Keynote slide deck, which is a formal verbal and visual presentation lasting fifteen to forty-five minutes. Pocket pitches represent your linguistic signature, your business, and your offer. Delivered often enough, and in a special enough way, it can produce a ?sonic signature?, your special calling card, or known more widely as a jingle or catch phrase.

A Pocket Pitch is about being brief, but bold. Speak your mind, have an opinion and take a stand for something. For example ?I?m not confident in the government?s ability to financially be there for me when I need it to be and that?s why I build and grow financial plans for investors through real estate?? Be realistic, not hopeful. Share stats, insights and industry expert opinions on your perspective. Base your pitch on facts, not fantasy. Don?t memorize, but be scripted. Recognize you are not a professional comedian or trained actor built to improvise. Be prepared by memorizing a series of statements and stories to accompany your pitch for a consistent outcome and understanding of what it is you do.

There are Seven Steps to producing the perfect pocket pitch for yourself and your real estate investment business:

1st – What problem do you solve for investors?

– Do you preserve and protect what matters most to them?
– Have you clarified potential financial yield, growth, or both?

2nd – What product or service do you provide that solves this problem?
– How does it work and how do you provide it?

3rd – What is your value proposition? What makes your offering unique and irreplaceable?
– What do you do that no one else can do quite like you, given your education, background, track record, work history and experience in life?

4th – What is the market opportunity for your investor and yourself?
– Given the marketplace you are focused in, what are the opportunities right now?
– What do they mean to you, your investor and the market overall?

5th – What is the revenue model?
– How does your investor, your service providers, and you, make money?
– How are you saving your investor?s time and money?

6th – Where is the proof that this is true, it works and has been done before?
– What testimonials, copies of transactions or statements of accounts can you use for reference so investors can see how well you?ve done?

7th – What is the defined, clear path of action?
– What is expected of the investor and what can they expect of you?

The Perfect Pocket Pitch isn?t about having your real estate investment business, product or service all figured out, the business plan completed, or glossy copies of the executive summary ready for distribution. It?s about being clear on the problem you solve, the unique value you create, the opportunity you?ve harnessed, the revenues available for all, the proof you?ve done it (or done it in partnership with others), and that now is the time to act.

Practice your pocket pitch with clarity, confidence and conviction. Be in the position to tell your prospective buyer, investor, or partner to ?act now and procrastinate later.?

Richard Dolan is the President of REIN and the resident expert on Performance for real estate investors and professionals. Addicted to producing results, Richard is an expert on raising funds, building brand and strategy with one aim: to produce competitive immunity. Reach Richard at

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