Rapid Cash Success Story Featuring Janet and Roman Seniuk


Janet and Roman Seniuk have been investing in real estate for 16 years and are experts in Agreements for Sale. They consider the strategy an addition to their very large toolbox, which includes buying distressed real estate, wholesale real estate, renovations and re-sells.

Agreements for Sale is just one of the advanced and alternative investing strategies taught at the Rapid Cash Program, and it can be a very effective tool to support your real estate investing business.

Rapid Cash Flow Logo 1According to Janet and Roman, the Rapid Cash Program is one of the best programs they have seen from a creative real estate standpoint. It’s also one of the most intensive programs they have been to – and they’ve been to a lot! It is more comprehensive than other types of training given not only program leader Barry McGuire’s extensive legal background, but the fact that the program is structured to give you support even after you go home.

While Agreements for Sale typically involve more work and are a bit more complex than a straight purchase, Roman says it gets easier once you do it a couple of times. Janet also says that immediately after completing the Rapid Cash Program, you can hit the ground running, fire up some marketing, connect with sellers and literally do a deal within your first month if you’re aggressively using the information from the workshop.

Roman’s key piece of advice for anyone attending Rapid Cash Program is: “Go in, be a sponge, take it all in and focus on it. The training there will help you eliminate costly mistakes.”

Watch REIN CEO Patrick Francey’s full discussion with Janet and Roman now: 

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