Rescue Mission: Vancouver Housing Market Discussion has been Hijacked

Downtown_Vancouver_July_2011_1-1.jpgBy Don R. Campbell

To no one’s surprise, the discussions about the Vancouver housing market are getting increasingly polarized and increasingly political. Neither of which lead us to real solutions.

Right now it feels like a constant chase for blame. “Let’s blame foreign investors,” “Let’s blame vacant mansions,” “Let’s blame shadow flipping,” and now the latest ridiculous headline, “Let’s blame the politicians from 1986!”

Blame is always the easy route. Once you blame someone you are, in essence, relieving yourself of any responsibility or duty to come up with realistic solutions.  You can sit back and smugly say, “It was them, not me,” and move forward with the complaining and victimhood that always follow blame.

Solutions, not Rhetoric or Posturing

Real life solutions are not easy. Real life solutions take nuanced discussion. Real life solutions focus on ALL of the fundamentals that are in play in the market and look at a holistic (rather than symptomatic) response. Solutions come from putting aside our respective posturing and instead looking at the nuances that make up the reality of the current market conditions. 

Sadly, it doesn’t seem that the majority of individuals are at this point yet. Instead, it seems like protest and anger (two very easy approaches) have taken over. 

But we can change that.

After you read this, I encourage you to look at all sides of the current affordability situation.  Geographic, demographic, economic, infrastructure et al. and you’ll see that there is no ONE issue – everything is interconnected.

This is not just an election issue (although many will try to turn it into one by creating anger and distracting from the real issues).

Real Life Solutions Come From a Seed of Truth

Here are two recent discussions (audio) that I hope will help all of us in the Lower Mainland to come together – not just look at the government as the solution. Sure the government can be a catalyst, but it can’t fix the other seven fundamentals at play. It can only address the symptoms.

Please, take a listen. Take some time to think about how we can begin a holistic discussion towards solutions. Then post comments below:

Detailed discussion about bringing reality into Vancouver market:

CBC discussion about “Shadow Flipping” in Vancouver market:

Peter Kinch discusses the ridiculousness of blaming rather than solving. CTV segment:


CKNW discussion about the current real estate market in Vancouver:

The current situation in the Vancouver housing market is too important of a subject to let be hijacked by those who have hidden agendas (political or not).  Please start pushing back and asking non-emotional questions, not accepting platitudes or anger as a response.

Vancouver, you are too good to stoop to that level of discourse. You’re worth so much more!


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