Rescuing Vancouver Housing Market Discussion from Hijackers (Part 2)


UPDATE – March 26, 1:30 PM PDT:
Don completed the next phase of his mission to bring reality to the forefront of the Vancouver housing market discussion by speaking on CKNW radio. Below is a link, in case you missed it:

March 24, 4:31 PM PDT:

Don R. Campbell is on a rescue mission. The Vancouver housing market discussion has been hijacked, and now it is up to him to rescue it from anger, fear and blame. Below is a follow up video to this post, in which Don R. Campbell initiated his rescue mission, and was featured on CBC Radio and Roundhouse Radio.

In this video he goes to further lengths to accomplish his mission to reign in discussion about the Vancouver housing market. Watch and learn why itÂ’s important to stop focusing on the symptoms of the problem, and instead start dealing with the problem itself.



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