The State of REIN: What YOU Need to Know About YOUR Community!


By Patrick Francey

I recognize, as the CEO of REIN, there are many people that hold an implicit or implied stake in our community, education, and direction. They can include fellow REIN Members (old and new), REIN management, REIN staff, as well as REIN Faculty. They ask, ‘What’s the current state of affairs for REIN as you see it?’

Well, imagine living in and through a renovation. Where, from curbside, the house is the same; but beyond the doors there is plastic, drywall dust, debris and wet paint all about. You have an image in your mind for what the end results will look like…that not everyone can picture. You’ve got the drawing, contractors are clear (and promise to deliver on time and on budget) and the family is excited for the new living space to come to life – sooner rather than later.

The REIN renovation began in June 2012. As President at the time, Don Campbell asked to sit down over a coffee with me and then strategy advisor and fellow real estate educator Richard Dolan. What unfolded was a conversation that began to articulate the highest and most optimal leverage plan for Don, as he recognized on the cusp of turning 50 years of age, there was more he could offer but needed help preserving the best and upgrading and growing the rest.

In the summer of 2012, Richard accepted his role as President and I stepped up and into Chief Executive Officer and began to design, develop and deploy plans to bring our best and grow REIN globally.

Richard’s role was simple: grow and expand the business across Canada and around the world through business development and the act of partnering with thought leaders in real estate. I was to preserve and protect the REIN membership suite of services and curriculum for current and new Members.

As we rolled our sleeves up and were deep in the thick of things renovation-related, it was hard to avoid some unforeseen issues along the way. In a building, that may be mold, bad wiring, poor plumbing, cranky neighbors, and simply things that don’t work given building code. All are strong metaphors consistent with our two-year long renovation thus far.

For example:

  • We’ve brought REIN members the likes of REIN Mastery (business development and personal leadership insight), REIN Speak (public presentation and speaking coaching) and Dr. Paul Stoltz/Adversity Quotient (AQ) with mixed reviews. Some loved it; others didn’t need it, or simply didn’t get it. So we’ve adjusted the mix, moved on and learned some things along the way.
  • We have taken big strides in rebranding our company with the likes of a new logo, presentation slides and collaterals for new members. We’ve also introduced REIN Faculty, where members hear from more professionals, experts and thought leaders in the realm of real estate investing than ever before. This has grown our stable of speakers and go-to experts including legal and accounting experts, financial services providers, professional development folk, and others.
  • We launched our first edition of The REIN Report in February of this year. With an ever increasing depth of writers, meaningful and relevant content, and growing demand from readers, we look forward to The REIN Report being on public newsstands in mid-2015.
  • The first phase of the new REIN Web Site – – is now up and running and functioning well. Over the coming months, the new ‘Member Back Office’ will provide members a plethora of new community-bandwidth and tools. For our many Members, it is their portal of entry to the resources we offer, and a powerful connecting point with our staff and faculty. Our technological advances are just beginning, but allow us to improve and expand our reach with what we teach.
  • In early 2013, we initiated and formed The REIN Advisory Board, comprised of mainly veteran REIN Members in each city. These groups are committed to being a voice for all Members as they express the needs of the community and provide us valuable feedback of how we can improve.

In fact, based on their input we have implemented such ideas as: the REIN Mastermind sessions for veteran Members during our ACRE events; pre-monthly meetings with in-depth discussions of important topics, many of which target beginners or razor focused areas of specialization that may not be of interest to everyone; increased participation by sponsors; with more ideas soon to be implemented.

From suggestions of REIN vetted investment opportunities for Members, to direct one on one coaching concepts, Advisory Board Members have provided valuable input for the REIN Team.

As we look ahead… 

We are excited at the plans to develop and launch our very own REIN Academy, providing advanced learning courses and professional certifications that will support your growth as real estate investors and real estate investment professionals.

Through this initiative, REIN members will have the opportunity to increase their prowess and visibility as experts and leaders in their community and increase their income-generating potential.

Our Faculty and Staff now include some of the most experienced and highly qualified real estate investing professionals in the country; experts such as:

  • Dr. Sherry Cooper, as Chief Economist
  • Jonathan Chevreau on personal financial independence (MoneySense)
  • W. Brett Wilson, esteemed real estate investor and TV personality of The Dragon’s Den
  • David Chilton, author of “The Wealthy Barber”

I am proud of our continued efforts to guide, educate and empower our REIN Members by providing access to the world’s best right here in Canada.

Driven by our commitment to support the success of REIN Members in gaining financial certainty investing in real estate, we will continue to provide the most relevant economic research, accurate analysis, proven education, and investing strategies without compromise. We know what it takes to succeed in the face of new challenges, and we will continue to provide you the resources and leadership you need along the way.

As with any renovations they eventually come to an end. We appreciate your patience and partnership in bringing REIN to a new global standard which is second to none.

Patrick Francey is the CEO of REIN. As a serial entrepreneur he owns many businesses and has been a real estate investor for nearly 20 years. The majority of his holdings are located in Edmonton and Grande Prairie.

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