Fresh Perspective Brings Opportunities to Thrive in Life and Real Estate

Special Guest: Amy Leong Amy Leong is a top real estate advisor at Engel & Volkers Vancouver and an active real estate investor. Awarded #1 agent at EV Vancouver 2023, she is known for her ability to uncover amazing opportunities in the real estate market and a highly skilled marketer and listing agent. After purchasing […]

Throwback Thursday – Trust & Identity

In this Throwback Thursday episode, join Mindset Matters hosts Patrick and Steffany as they explore the multifaceted concept of TRUST. They dive into the difficulties we all encounter in maintaining trust in ourselves and others.

Authenticity and Influence: The Power of Being True to Yourself

The “Mindset Matters Podcast” hosted by Patrick and Steffany reflects on the themes of success, personal impact, and the simplicity of mindset. The episode discusses the acronym “SIMPLE,” which stands for “Significantly Impacting Many People’s Lives Every day,” emphasizing the ripple effect of positive influence.

Your Life, Your Terms

Special Guest: Tom Karadza Tom Karadza is Co-Founder of Rock Star Real Estate Inc. in Ontario that has worked with real estate investors since 2008 to help educate, inform and ultimately buy rental property across the Greater Toronto Area. With a start in the software industry back in 1998, after a few years of being […]

Rewiring Your Reality with Shelly LefKoe: What do you Believe?

In the latest episode of the Mindset Matters podcast, in Steffany’s absence, host Patrick Francey interviews special guest Shelly Lefkoe, a transformational coach specializing in eliminating deep-seated beliefs that shape behavior and emotions. Shelly explains how unconscious beliefs, often formed in childhood, significantly impact our adult lives and limit our potential.

The Power of YES! Embracing Change and Facing Fears

In this episode of the Mindset Matters podcast, hosts Steffany Hanlen-Francey and Patrick Francey share their unique experience of recording the podcast while on vacation in Oahu, Hawaii. Amidst the serene yet windy Hawaiian backdrop, they delve into the theme of facing new challenges and breaking through fears.

Democratizing Gold Ownership for Wealth in Hand

Special Guest: Adam Trexler Dr. Trexler pioneered innovative processes to produce the Aurum®️ including advanced security features, bill architecture, and new printing methods. He also led the acquisition of two other early-stage companies to augment Valaurum’s IP portfolio in addition to raising all capital for the start-up.  Dr. Trexler continues to lead research and development […]

Change is Hard

In this week’s episode of Mindset Matters, Patrick and Steffany explore the challenges of change and why it often feels difficult.

Throwback Thursday – Self-Awareness

Tune in as Patrick and Steffany discuss strategies for recognizing and shifting these belief systems, helping you to break free from limiting patterns and achieve a more empowered and intentional life. Join them for an insightful conversation on understanding and shifting your BS (belief systems)!

Changing Lives with the Powerful Force of Franchise

Special Guest: Lance Graulich Lance Graulich, known as the “King of Franchising,” is the CEO of ION Franchising, a prominent franchise consulting group representing over 800 franchise brands. His impressive track record in the franchising industry has earned him a respected status as an industry authority. Lance also hosts the successful Eye on Franchising Podcast, […]