Heeding the Call to a Courageous Life

On April 7, 2020

Why do people choose to be unhappy? Which qualities does strong leadership require? What kind of impact can you make?   Philip shares how our biggest impact usually stems from the things that come most naturally to us, and they typically don’t occur in epic proportions. He shares a few defining moments in his life which he used to fortify his purpose, not diminish it.  On […]

In It to Win It Together

On March 25, 2020

You’ve heard it said numerous times already: We are in unprecedented times. Though the full impact of COVID-19 on economic conditions is still unknown, there are actions and steps we can take in the face of such uncertainty.  Innovation is showing up in a big way across the board. A new normal has emerged, and REIN is stepping up as a leader in innovation. The […]

An Entrepreneur’s Journey

On March 24, 2020

Dwayne Stewart shares his story about his hop business: how things quickly progressed after May 2017, the unexpected sharp turn it took, and the fallout with his investors in 2018. A breakdown in government promises made local buying decisions too difficult for his buyers’ bottom line. The chain reaction of that breakdown was linear and […]

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst: What COVID-19 Means for Canadian Investors

On March 24, 2020

With over 1430 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Canada*, including 20 deaths, apprehension for the future is natural and expected. These are unprecedented times and the impact of the coronavirus on the Canadian economy and real estate is ever-changing and evolving. The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the greatest market influencers of our time. And […]

The Intersection of Intellect & Heart

On March 10, 2020

From India to Canada in 2009, Kunal Mohindra’s mantra as a student was to maximize his education to give himself a kick-start. With a master’s degree in Pharmacy, he landed a stable job and started exploring the possibilities of entrepreneurship with his wife who was expecting their first child. An accomplished real estate investor and […]

Cash (Flow) is King – Kyle Green | The Green Mortgage Team

On March 2, 2020

According to The Green Mortgage Team Owner Kyle Green, “Cash is king.” Alberta is a cash flow play right now and Kyle says cash flow is probably THE most important thing to financing. “When a lender decides whether they’re going to lend to you or I, it all comes down to debt servicing. So they […]

How Real Estate is Like Adopting a Dog

On February 28, 2020

Real estate is a lot like adopting a dog. When you get a dog, everything in your environment has to adjust to accommodate your new puppy. Your puppy goes through the process of growing up: he gets bigger, he needs a place to sleep, he needs to go for walks, etc. But if you don’t […]

Calgary Real Estate Market Update – Brett Turner | Redline Real Estate Group

On February 25, 2020

There is no one better to talk about what’s going on in the Calgary real estate market than Redline Real Estate Group Owner Brett Turner! Brett is a keynote speaker at our upcoming Authentic Canadian Real Estate (A.C.R.E) investor summit on March 6-8 in Calgary, where he will share the extensive expertise he has acquired […]

Making Impossible Possible

On February 25, 2020

Bruce M Firestone is best known as an entrepreneur and founder of NHL hockey team the Ottawa Senators, their home arena, Canadian Tire Centre, and the Ottawa Senators Foundation which is a children’s charity.  Bruce is also an author, professor, coach, consultant, mentor, real estate broker (with Century 21 Explorer Realty Inc), Ottawa Business Journal […]

The Significance of Self-Belief

On February 11, 2020

Justin Smith is the President of Hawkeye Wealth, which sources and vets private commercial real estate deals from third parties to present to their clients. They believe that most people’s portfolios can benefit greatly from exposure to Commercial Real Estate and aim to make it easier for their clients to get involved.    Justin and […]