A Vanguard in Innovation

On November 16, 2020

Shayle Rothman is the managing partner and founder of Real Estate Lawyers.ca LLP, along with his partner, Eric. He has also been a real estate lawyer, REIN Legal Faculty, investor, and real estate mentor for over a decade. However, law wasn’t Shayle’s first or intended pursuit. Initially, he wanted to pursue his journey with McDonald’s and start […]

The Power of Stoicism in Today’s World

On November 3, 2020

Donald Robertson is a writer and trainer, with over twenty years’ experience. He’s a specialist in teaching evidence-based psychological skills and known as an expert on the relationship between modern cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and classical Greek and Roman philosophy. With a deep desire to learn, understand, and find a philosophy that resonated with his pursuits, Donald embarked on a […]

The Seismic Shift in Realty Insurance

On October 30, 2020

*This post is sponsored by one of The Real Estate Investment Network’s Trusted Partners, Park Insurance. To become a contributing editor or to learn about our sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at david@reincanada.com. The Seismic Shift in Realty Insurance What REIN Members Need to Know The realty insurance sector in Canada is facing very challenging times—to say the […]

Celebrating 100 Episodes: Being Your Greatest Self

On October 20, 2020

Today marks a huge milestone for The Everyday Millionaire podcast—it’s our 100th episode! To celebrate this auspicious occasion, we have a very special guest on the show today: Mr. Patrick Francey, our charismatic host himself! Interviewing him is none other than Steffany Hanlen-Francey, Patrick’s wife and partner.  Patrick started imagining a new podcast and the concept and purpose […]

Thriving in Uncertainty

On October 5, 2020

Derek Lobo, a self-titled “Apartment Schlep,” has worked extensively in the apartment and student housing industry across Canada and the United States, advising clients on all aspects of apartment ownership and development ranging from feasibility analysis, financial modelling, design and construction, asset management and leasing to dispositions and brokerage. With this knowledge in the industry, Derek illustrates the importance […]

Connector, Communicator & Enthusiastic Promoter

On September 22, 2020

Florent (‘Flo’) Thevenin is the director of TheFutureEconomy.ca, a unique Canadian online media that produces multimedia interviews with Canada’s top leaders from business, government, the Indigenous community, academia, and other key stakeholder groups to define a strong vision for Canada’s future economy. Through his conversations with his guests, Flo builds a narrative around what Canada […]

The Summit: Raw. Unfiltered. In-the-Trenches. Huge Reveals. And More!

On September 17, 2020

On November 13 and 14, 2020, The Real Estate Investment Network is hosting its second annual virtual summit for real estate investors! Join Canada’s top in-the-trenches real estate investors, research analysts, and economic experts for 1.5 days of real estate investing education, strategies, and solutions. Learn how to make sound decisions—based on facts, not emotion—in every and […]

Motion vs Action—Check Your Blind Spot

On September 9, 2020

By Patrick Francey Experienced and well-intentioned real estate investors may not realize there is a blind spot obstructing their success of achieving the results they desire—but often there is. By definition, a blind spot is an area of space that is not visible or an area of obstructed view. The blind spot we’re referring to […]

Commitment and Passion

On September 8, 2020

Natasha Phipps’ entrepreneurial passion began in her childhood, working alongside her parents in their construction business. As an adult, she embarked on a path to create a business on her own terms. The space she felt had the most impact for her clients was with investment properties—which also happened to be her passion. Since purchasing her first real […]

Devoted to Enriching Lives

On August 25, 2020

Growing up in a traditional family in Kuwait, and later as immigrants in Canada, Dalia Barsoum appeased her parents’ persistent career wishes for her and entered the corporate world working for BMO. In the end, corporate life was not her passion, but it was the catalyst that led her to forge her own path as an entrepreneur. With a clear understanding of the dynamics […]