Stop Being Nice!

Join Patrick and Steffany for this episode of the Mindset Matters podcast as they explore the dynamics and the fine line between kindness and niceness. Delve into why being labeled ‘a nice guy’ might not always be a compliment for men. Discover how sincere empathy and authentic connections distinguish kindness from superficial niceties, unraveling the deeper motivations behind these two qualities and behaviors, and their impact on others.” For the powerful women out there, if you have ever been called a BITCH here is why you can take it as a compliment! Listen in to find out why!

Exploring Bitcoin’s Future with Jeff Booth: Insights on Decentralization, Security, and Economic Shifts

Special Guest: Jeff Booth Jeff Booth is a visionary leader, technology entrepreneur, Founding Partner at ego death capital and best-selling author of The Price of Tomorrow – Why Deflation is Key to an Abundant Future. With a profound grasp of technology, system thinking, and design, he stands at the forefront of a shift from an […]

Creative Financing Solutions

This post is written by Trusted Partner, Keith Uthe – Mortgage Alliance Enrich Mortgage Group. To become a contributing editor, please contact our Real Estate Investor Solutions Specialist, David Maxwell at david@reincanada.com. With recent changes to mortgage policies, it can often feel to investors like they are trying to fit a square peg into a […]

Work Life Balance: The 5 “C”‘s

Join Patrick and Steffany for this episode of Mindset Matters Podcast as they delve into the topic of achieving life-work balance, is there such a thing, can it be done!? In their insightful discussion, they explore how the 5 Cs – communication, collaboration, commitment, creativity, and compassion – play a pivotal role in finding equilibrium between personal and professional life.

The Decision Paradox: Exploring Indecision and Power with Mindset Matters

Join Patrick and Steffany on this episode of the Mindset Matters Podcast as they delve into the realms of decision-making. In this discussion, they explore the challenges that often accompany the process of making decisions, ranging from the seemingly insignificant to the monumental. They consider the complexities we all face when confronted with choices, shedding light on the paradoxical nature of indecision and the allure of relinquishing responsibility. Patrick and Steffany do their best to navigate the psychological intricacies within decision-making, including the fears of commitment and the hesitancy to shut down options. Drawing from their personal experiences and business insights, they examine the interplay between choice and consequence, shining a light on the power of embracing decisive action. Tune in as they peel back the layers of decision-making, offering perspective on how to navigate how to empower yourself to cultivate a mindset for effective decision-making.

The Blueprint to Becoming the CEO of Your Life

Special Guest: Dr. Traci Lynn Dr. Traci Lynn, known as “The 100,000,000 Woman,” is a legendary entrepreneur who transformed a mere $200 into a $100million direct sales dynasty with her brand, Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry. Renowned for empowering thousands of women around the world, she’s grown her company to one of the largest in the […]

Clarity = Velocity

Join them as they unravel the intricate layers of clarity, revealing it as not only essential work but a profound commitment to becoming the best version of ourselves and unlocking the true essence of living our best lives. Don’t miss out on this empowering episode that promises to ignite a newfound sense of purpose and direction in your journey towards personal growth and fulfillment.

Vacation Mode – Human Needs

Join Patrick and Steffany’s as they dig into the archives for this week’s edition of the “Mindset Matters” podcast. In this episode, they delve into a thought-provoking topic that lies at the core of human behavior: the 6 human needs. Drawing from Cloe Madanes’s extensive research, Patrick and Steffany unpack the intricacies of certainty, variety, significance, connection, growth, and contribution – fundamental drivers that shape our lives. Together in this conversation they delve into the essence of what makes us tick as individuals. Patrick and Steffany’s bring their experience and insights and they offer practical takeaways that can catalyze profound shifts in your mindset and approach to life’s challenges. Go on a journey of discovery and empowerment, join us on “Mindset Matters” as we explore the landscape of human needs, providing you with insights and tools to navigate your own personal growth and transformation.

Real Estate Rockstar: Mr. Hamilton Goes to the Sunbelt States

Special Guest: Erwin Szeto Erwin Szeto is a seasoned investor specialist, Realtor, and influential voice in Canadian real estate. With a career dating back to 2010, he has facilitated over $440 million in income property transactions through his team, impacting the market with strategic insights and leadership. While he has navigated the ownership of over […]

Inner Resilience Unleashed: A Solo Journey

This week we’re going back into the archives to talk about mindset. A growth mindset or a fixed mindset are two common terms that Patrick and Steffany have discussed on the show many times…but there are other mindsets!