Democratizing Gold Ownership for Wealth in Hand

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Special Guest: Adam Trexler

Dr. Trexler pioneered innovative processes to produce the Aurum®️ including advanced security features, bill architecture, and new printing methods. He also led the acquisition of two other early-stage companies to augment Valaurum’s IP portfolio in addition to raising all capital for the start-up. 

Dr. Trexler continues to lead research and development initiatives at Valaurum. Inc. He is the primary inventor and first patent author of the KeyBill, the most secure form of physical cryptocurrency. He is also an inventor of numerous precious metal bill security features, with a patent issued in 2020 and several more in development. 

Prior to founding Valaurum, Dr. Trexler worked in academic research and venture capital. From 2008-2012, he was a professor and researcher at the University of Exeter and Queen Mary University of London, with numerous refereed publications relating to the history of culture and science, particularly with regard to credit, the gold standard, money and labor. Before his academic career, Dr. Trexler worked at Corporate Finance, Inc., structuring early stage companies to raise equity capital.

Join in as Adam and Patrick talk gold! It’s history as money, the intrinsic stored value of gold, and it’s longevity as a means of wealth preservation and risk management. Step into current day, and Adam discusses the passion he felt to learn about the philosophy and history of money, why it’s valued as it is, and the role it plays in the organization of society. Propelled by burning questions, natural curiousity, big ideas, and a deep understanding of gold’s importance, Adam felt drawn to new innovations in nanotechnology from two inventors with whom he eventually collaborated to produce the Aurum®. Gold bills which make gold ownership secure, trustworthy, accessible and collectible. Adam shares his vision for its broad viability as legal tender, future distribution and supply, and value of the company. All of which feed his deeper purpose, together with an exceptional team, to create something of meaningful contribution for current and future generations.

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