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10 Principles of Success

By Brent Roberts When I tell people I bought my first house at age 18 and my first fourplex at age 19, some find it hard to believe. It sounds improbable unless you knew me growing up. My father was a huge supporter of mine and my first mentor. When I was 11 years old, […]

Be Prepared for the Moment of Adversity

By Richard Dolan

Digital Content: Do What Matters

By Marie Wiese

What’s Holding Your Real Estate Investing Back?

By Michael Dominguez When it comes to investing in real estate, taking action sounds easier than it is. You can do the research, build your team, and find a property, but the act of preparing an offer and actually getting a property under contract can be frightening. The what-ifs start to bounce around in your […]

What a Bold Next Step Requires

By Patrick Francey Blind spot: An area of a larger space that is not visible; an area of obstructed view. Motion: The act of changing position or location. Action: The act or process of doing something, typically to achieve an outcome. A thing done; execution; executed. There is a blind spot, which even the most […]

What Is Your Life’s Intent?

By Richard Dolan

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