REIN Experts to Present at Victoria Real Estate Investment Expo


On March 11 at the Crystal Garden, the Victoria Real Estate Investment Expo will educate and provide networking opportunities for homeowners and real estate investors alike. A first for Victoria, the Investment Expo is anticipated to bring 1500 first-time home buyers and seasoned investors together to learn and share the most current insights on real estate, creative ways to enter the market around the city, and more.

Information related specifically to Victoria’s hot real estate market, and opportunities well beyond the island will be presented and discussed in a fun, social, approachable format. With no shortage of investment capital, stable, long-term economic growth predicted and ever increasing migration from Vancouver and beyond, it seems high time for this event.

REIN’s Senior Analyst is the keynote speaker at this event, and he will be joined on stage by a host of other real estate professionals, including REIN’s CEO Patrick Francey and REIN’s President Richard Dolan.

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The Expo is a production of the Women’s Real Estate Network (WREN) and Legacy Wealth Income Properties. The founders of these two organizations saw the amount of opportunity in Victoria but noticed there was a lot of fear, misinformation and general sluggishness in the way people were connecting around real estate investment. This despite the fact that collectively people in the City of Victoria are sitting on millions in home equity, yet investing less than other Canadians.

“We are concerned about the number of young people who fear they’ll never get into the market and the number of seniors who feel they don’t have enough for their retirement,” says Legacy Wealth founder Laurie Finnigan. “Our organizations show people that the right knowledge along with thoughtful planning and a strong support team can change your entire financial future for the better.”

50% of Victoria Real Estate Investment Expo ticket sales will be donated to the Greater Victoria Housing Society. Learn more.



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