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Proactive Equals Professional: Real Estate Financing Done Right

At REIN, one of the core investing fundamentals we emphasize to our REIN member communities Canada wide is being proactive about every aspect of your real estate investing business. Being proactive is so important it’s worth spelling out the word’s definition: “serving to prepare for, intervene in, or control an expected occurrence or situation, especially […]

ACRE Calgary Will Be Different

  Our aim as we launched 2018 was to make ACREs’ different. We wanted to shift our own way of thinking so we can help you shift your way of thinking. Toronto was our first shot to show the world we have evolved and changed. The result? Watch this video and find out…

Flipping / Assigning Properties? Don’t Go to Jail!

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What better time to ramp up your real estate knowledge than right now? We have assembled a lineup of real estate investing and business experts, all in one room for three days… and you have a chance to attend this event for FREE!

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Sustainable Cash Flow in Any Market

By Rachel Oliver