ACRE Calgary Will Be Different


Our aim as we launched 2018 was to make ACREs’ different. We wanted to shift our own way of thinking so we can help you shift your way of thinking. Toronto was our first shot to show the world we have evolved and changed. The result? Watch this video and find out…

Our next chance to show the world we’ve evolved is CALGARY ACRE. What can you expect and how will it be different… great question.

Here are 5 reasons:

  1. We will be releasing a brand new updated report for Alberta and how we’ve evolved in the economic cycle in the last 6 months. For this reason alone, you need to be at ACRE!
  2. Alberta is presenting you with some incredible opportunities at the moment. Every time the market gets hot our members feel like they’ve missed out on the rise of the tide (appreciation!). However, right now, in this very moment, you are being presented with an incredible opportunity and we’ll be describing this in detail at ACRE!

  3. It’s rare that so many market influencers are in play at the exact same time. This presents very interesting opportunities because it opens up the door to using all the various strategies. From buy-and-hold to assignments, wholesaling, flipping, agreements for sale and all the other strategies that can produce INCOME NOW.
  4. Uncertainty is where opportunity lives. Warren Buffett says it best “Uncertainty is the friend of the buyer of long term values”. Alberta appears to be uncertain but only to the untrained eye. For strategic investors, opportunity is EVERY WHERE! Where can you find it? At ACRE!
  5. New conversations! When we say new conversations, we don’t only mean new conversations with physical people at ACRE, which does present some incredible value, but we’re talking about new conversations with yourself, with others and with the world in general. Canada is at the beginning of the largest inter-generational wealth transfer, ever. Over $1.5 Trillion (with a “T”) of wealth will transfer hands in the coming five to seven years and the great majority of this is REAL ESTATE WEALTH. We will be introducing a whole new conversation at ACRE on how YOU can capitalize on this. It’s in the moments that greatness is created and you will see first hand where the conversation starts.

Now it’s your turn. Register and attend ACRE Calgary 2018.

Our Promises…

  1. If you’ve been to ACRE before, we promise you a different, enhanced and expanded experience.
  2. If you bring a friend and we’ll buy them lunch on Sunday and they will receive two autographed books by (51 Success Stories) and Richard Dolan (Wealth Mastery) (and you’ll get points)
  3. If you’ve never been to ACRE we promise to educate, inspire and move you into action. We’ve been around for 26 years because what we do works. Real Estate is the only dependable way to grow wealth and we are the source of how to make it happen.

Register and attend ACRE Calgary 2018.

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