Trends: Secret Weapon of the Strategic Investor

On June 20, 2017


Does Radio: Vancouver, Foreign Buyers and More

On May 4, 2017

Our Senior Analyst joined Joannah Connolly on Roundhouse Radio’s The Real Estate Therapist this past weekend for a wide-ranging conversation on current events and their impact on real estate in Canada. And now the recording of their show is available online.

Hamilton Transit Update

On March 17, 2017

Special guest research blog by nine-year veteran REIN Member Erwin “Mr. Hamilton” Szeto of

Avoid These 5 Big Mistakes When Analyzing Deals

On April 14, 2015

Analyzing Your Financial Statements

On April 4, 2015


Use Analysis to Build a Portfolio to Weather the Inevitable Storms

On April 1, 2015

Three Property Analysis Pitfalls

On March 14, 2015

CMHC Housing Market Outlook – BC Regional Highlights

On February 21, 2015

The CMHC just released their 2015 First Quarter Housing Market Outlook for BC. The report looks at the number of housing starts expected for the year, the existing MLS® home sales, and the MLS® average price forecasts. Here’s a quick summary of where things stand for the BC Region in 2015 as well as where […]

on Calgary home ownership percentages

On November 21, 2014

CMHC stats show that Calgary has the highest percentage of people that own their homes in Canada at 72.4 percent. The national average is 69 percent. Why do you think Calgarians lead the way in this category?

Talks the Future of CMHC

On October 9, 2014

Up until a year or so ago, banks and other financial institutions were using the CMHC mortgage insurance to help them “sell” or syndicate mortgages that were NOT high ration. In fact, they were using it to make mortgage portfolios more attractive to sell them into the open market. The good news is that now […]