Does Radio: Vancouver, Foreign Buyers and More


Our Senior Analyst joined Joannah Connolly on Roundhouse Radio’s The Real Estate Therapist this past weekend for a wide-ranging conversation on current events and their impact on real estate in Canada. And now the recording of their show is available online.

In their one-hour segment, Don and Joannah covered taxes, government intervention, election time, Vancouver real estate and much more.  

Listen to the show below to hear:

  • Don’s insights on government intervention and the negative consequences he foresees for respective housing markets,
  • More about the current state of Vancouver and Toronto’s real estate markets,
  • Don’s thoughts on the upcoming BC election,
  • The “Single-Issue” Trend,
  • The reality of foreign buyers and which Canadian real estate markets Don believes they’ll be buying in now,
  • And a number of other subjects.


Click here to listen to the full segment.


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