FREE Event: 8 Steps to Financial Freedom by Design



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We recently launched an investor research study and found some interesting facts. Real estate investors coast-to-coast viewed the Real Estate Intelligence Network (REIN) as the market leader but those who aren’t members wanted more direct information on how REIN could help them be better investors.

We thought this was fascinating and as a result of this research, REIN is launching a new short-format event title Winning In Real Estate. Get full event details here and register online!

This event is designed for:

  • New investors who want to get started and purchase their first or second property
  • Intermediate investors who are stuck but want to keep growing their portfolio

Join us and in this FREE 2 hour presentation learn the 8 Steps to Financial Freedom by Design that has helped over 150,000 clients over 27 years. Whether your goal is to grow your income, quit your job or catapult your net worth, real estate and REIN is your answer to financial freedom by design.

Learn new and innovative ways to:

  • Grow your active income to six figures a year
  • A system that can replace your employment income (even if you’re a high earning individual)
  • The FIVE REASONS why real estate is the best performing asset class to grow your wealth
  • Which specific real estate assets the world’s smartest and wealthiest people put their money into
  • The FIVE WAYS real estate allows you to win big
  • The 8 Critical Elements that hold everyone back (including you!)
  • How to properly evaluate real estate investment opportunities to ensure you get the best deal
  • The 8 Step System which will allow you to accurately pin point where the real estate market is in its cycle and to forecast where its going

Get full event details here and register online!

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