Watch Now: JG Francoeur & Discuss the ALL-NEW A.C.R.E!


Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 12.26.53 PMIn their latest Facebook Live discussion, REIN Chief Growth Officer JG Francoeur and REIN Senior Research Analyst discussed A.C.R.E “Triple R”: Revamped, Revitalized and Revolutionary!

Some of the things being taught in real estate right now are setting people up for a lot of pain. That’s why we’re stepping up our game once again and have released an ALL-NEW A.C.R.E packed with unique strategies to leverage economic uncertainty and timely solutions to implement RIGHT NOW.

If you have attended A.C.R.E in the past, you may have a “been there, done that” mentality and be wondering why you need to attend again… but there is danger in this thinking! It’s the little tweaks that matter and will make you a better investor. From the reality of investing and WHY you’re investing, to investing in Canada and understanding what the new financing rules are (yup, they changed again), expanding your mind, adjusting your thinking and polishing up your techniques is crucial for long-lasting profitable success.

We’ve revamped our agenda to look at influencers and politics, revitalized statistics to make it even easier for you to read your own area as an investor, and MORE. This year’s event is revolutionary for 2019, allowing you to catapult your income and net worth!

To watch JG and Don’s full discussion about why you need to be at this year’s A.C.R.E Toronto event AND why they compare A.C.R.E to a Porsche, visit our Facebook page.

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