2015 REALTOR® of the Year



The Realtor ® of the Year award is given to the real estate agent and/or broker who best serves REIN Members, from finding perfect investment opportunities, to bringing new buyers/tenants to clients. This award is solely determined by Member nominations. The award was set up to recognize the excellent work done by realtors in our community. If you believe you could do the job to the same standard you may find guaranteedsuccessplan.com to be the best starting point for a career in this industry.


Randy joined REIN in May 2012 and spends a large portion of his time helping REIN Members find perfect cash-flowing properties, and encouraging them in their passion for real estate investing.

In 2015 Randy helped host seven Investment Bus Tours for REIN Members throughout the year. He finds it extremely rewarding to be able to encourage and educate like-minded investors, and to watch them find success when they purchase the amazing properties they viewed on the tour.

Beyond his complimentary Bus Tours, Randy contributes to the REIN Advisory Board, speaks from the REIN stage, and participates in ACRE events and monthly REIN meetings. He goes above and beyond to help, motivate, and serve Members, from bus tours to thoughtful thank you gifts.

szeto_erwin_ont_realtor_20151202.jpgERWIN SZETO – Ontario

A Silver Pin award winner, Erwin joined REIN in April 2008 and assisted current and former REIN Members to transact $9.5 million in real estate in 2015 (that ‘s 24 properties!).  Erwin is a model professional realtor. Not only does he represent REIN and the industry as a whole with extreme professionalism, he also brings a deep knowledge base to his investor clients.

Erwin is extremely active in the REIN community, writing for the REIN Report, contributing to myREINspace, presenting at REIN ‘s Proactive Property Management Program on the topic of “Pick Your Tenant, Pick Your Property “, and acting as a REIN Ambassador. He is also regularly featured in the media, this year on the Rav Toor Show, in the Canadian Real Estate Wealth magazine, Real Estate Professional magazine, and the Ivey Intouch magazine.

Outside of REIN, Erwin is a leader in the community. He started the charity Hamilton Basket Brigade (food drives that deliver holiday dinners to families in need), and inspired others to start Basket Brigades in Durham, Ottawa, and St. Catharines. From his leadership and fundraising, they successfully fed 37 families for Christmas 2014, 75 families for Easter 2015, 150 families for Thanksgiving 2015 and will feed another 150 families this coming Christmas.  Erwin also hosts monthly networking meetings for investors where 100% of the admission charges go to charity.

knull_james_ab_north_realtor_20151130.jpgJAMES KNULL – Alberta North

A Diamond and Multi-Family Gold Pin award winner, James joined REIN in November 2007. As a REALTOR ®, James takes the utmost pride in providing exceptional service to his clients. In his mind, his clients ‘ successes are his successes.

James gives back to REIN by offering his knowledge at REIN meetings, and at REIN ‘s Calgary Multi-Family and Commercial Investing Summit this summer. He helps REIN professionals grow their businesses by referring clients. James loves making an introduction between two people who need to know each other.

It is because of this willingness to connect others and drive them forward that James is well-known in the community as being motivated, knowledgeable, patient, understanding, an inspiration and a mentor. He is willing to invest his time and knowledge in investors to empower them to make intelligent and logical long term decisions.

witham_strand_amy_ab_south_realtor_20151201.jpgAMY WITHAM-STRAND – Alberta South

A Silver Pin award winner, Amy joined REIN in March 2010, and attends many REIN meetings because she loves to share her experiences and hear from others.

Amy believes that this business and this community are not based on transactions but on knowledge sharing and the commonalities of ambitious individuals looking to create a better tomorrow for themselves and those they love. She puts this belief into action in her work, openly sharing her expert negotiation skills, as well as her knowledge on financing, renovations, and more.

One member commented that “she truly epitomizes the REIN philosophy of sharing, teaching, learning and professionalism, ” and it is truly her attention to detail that makes her stand apart from other realtors.

2014 Winners: Elizabeth Schellenberg, Steve Throndson, Randy Dyck, Michael Dominguez


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