Alberta’s Real Estate Market – What’s Next?



Missed out or want to watch the webinar for a second time? Click here to get the full recording of ‘Alberta’s Real Estate Market – What is Next?”.

If you are an investor wondering whether or not now is the time to invest in the Alberta real estate market, you won’t want to miss out on our upcoming webinar – Alberta’s Real Estate Market – What is Next? The webinar will be held this Wednesday, February 25th at 6 PM PST (7 PM MST/9 PM EST).

Presented by REIN’s Senior Analyst Don R. Campbell, the webinar will provide an honest, straightforward analysis of what’s currently happening in the Alberta market.

If you are curious about which path to take to achieve the most predictable real estate investment returns, and whether or not Alberta can provide it, this is the webinar for you. Other topics Don will touch on include:

  • Where to invest in Alberta (and where NOT to invest in Alberta) in 2015.
  • How Sophisticated Investors protect themselves from risk 
  • The small-town/big-town approaches
  • How the media is opening up opportunities 
  • The one missing variable that most real estate forecasters miss 

Register now and don’t miss out!  Learn about the Alberta market from the one and only Don R. Campbell. Click here to register. 



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