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The latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire Podcast is now online!

“To make those significant changes it takes an investment of time, energy, effort, and money. Are you prepared to do anything and everything that it takes to get where you want to go provided it’s legal, moral, and ethical? I think you have to be able to answer yes to that question, if it’s going to work.” – Shawn Shewchuk

Special Guest: Shawn Shewchuk

With a successful track record of delivering results to over 11,000 clients, over 7,000 media appearances and numerous accolades, Shawn is considered the “Go-To” for those entrepreneurs, high achievers, and leaders that are driven to achieve more and collapse time frames.

Shawn Shewchuk is known as THE Productivity Speaker and The Number 1 Results Coach. Shawn founded Change Your Results Inc., an international coaching and change agency with clients located around the globe. Additionally, Shawn hosts the award-winning Results Radio
broadcast. Shawn is a two-time bestselling author and was featured in the movie The One Minute Success System with Brian Tracy. He also produced and appeared in a second production entitled, Game Changer.

Besides his love of travel and family, he is passionate about empowering transformation within individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations, and his message has impacted millions.

Listen in to this episode where Shawn walks us through the significant value of working with a coach who feels aligned, to help us excavate our desires and potential, move what may be in our way, and get moving forward! He shares a personal story of the impetus that led him to make dramatic changes in his own life, fully commit to his first coach, and live the amazing results of that commitment. Through the love of transformation and contribution Shawn feels honoured to have helped so many, get to a place where they experience a life they want, need, desire, and deserve.

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