Contribution Through Action

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““I know I improve my odds of success when I’m able to work with anybody who has gone before me. I’m amazed how many people are willing to freely give of their time especially when we show up and we pay attention, and we do what’s being advised. It’s amazing how many opportunities are out there when we’re ready to listen and then put some things into action.” – Rae Ostrander

Special Guest: Rae Ostrander

Rae Ostrander is currently the Managing Director and Founder of Green Thumb REIT.  Prior to founding the REIT he was the managing partner on value-add projects in some of the most challenging markets in Canada and the US.

Rae is also one of the most engaging and sought-after Real Estate trainers in the country.  Over the past decade or so he could often be found performing training for Robert Kiyosaki and Scott McGilvery, hosting Real Estate Expos, and providing consulting for syndicators and project managers.

His story is a fascinating one.  Like many of us in our younger years, he was encouraged to pursue a good education but found that obtaining a master’s degree in theology was not providing the financial return on investment he was looking for!  While he enjoyed his work in churches and non-profit organizations, he had to do something to make ends meet and out of necessity – the entrepreneur was born.

Join in on this conversation as Rae and Patrick dive into the value of community, relationships, and the mentors who guide us to take action toward our goals and vision. Hear more about Rae’s exciting entrepreneurial adventure so far, and his why behind the less conventional investing strategies they use. In the end, to be of contribution is the fuel that drives everything.

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