Exploring Bitcoin’s Future with Jeff Booth: Insights on Decentralization, Security, and Economic Shifts

The latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire Podcast is now online!

“One system is dividing us from each other, one system is connecting us back together. All you have to do is learn why you might want to spend more of your time in the honest system. And as you do, your life changes.” – Jeff Booth

Special Guest: Jeff Booth

Jeff Booth is a visionary leader, technology entrepreneur, Founding Partner at ego death capital and best-selling author of The Price of Tomorrow – Why Deflation is Key to an Abundant Future. With a profound grasp of technology, system thinking, and design, he stands at the forefront of a shift from an outdated economic model to one designed for tomorrow.

Jeff’s insights and achievements have earned him the BC Technology Industry Association’s Person of the Year in 2015 and in October 2023, he was honored with induction into the prestigious BCTIA’s Hall of Fame. Furthermore, in 2016, he gained recognition from Goldman Sachs, who named him one of the 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs.

In addition to his work investing and helping entrepreneurs build on the rails of Bitcoin, he is a Co-Founder of addy and NocNoc. Jeff also actively serves on the boards of Fedi, and Breez, in addition to several advisory boards. A dedicated member of the Young Presidents Organization since 2004, he further contributes as a Founding Fellow at the Creative Destruction Lab.

In this episode, Jeff and Patrick continue their conversation that began in 2022 about the current financial system, the decentralization and security of Bitcoin, ways to protect our capital and store value, plus the unlearning that may be required to do so. Jeff shares some digestible, simple concepts around Bitcoin, its perceived transactional inability, inflation (money manipulation), and the deflationary nature of technology. Jeff’s optimism for the future includes a call to curiousity, and encouragement to open our minds and our hearts and move our time and energy into learning about the new system, the optimism therein, and the connection it creates.

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