New Event Announcement! The Real Estate Accelerator: June 23 & 24

The Future Has Arrived – Step into the New Era for Real Estate Investing!

A new era in real estate investing can either mean that you are ultra-effective, efficient and more profitable than ever. Or it can mean that you get left behind and you can’t seem to find any deals or do any deals. Which will it be for you?

Are you ready to take your real estate investing to the next level? The future has arrived, and it’s time to step into the new era for real estate investors. The Real Estate Accelerator Summit on June 23 & 24 (live on Zoom) is the place to be if you want to gain a competitive edge, accelerate your portfolio growth, and revolutionize the way you transact real estate. 

Discover how the Deal Intelligence Vault can help you:

  • 100:1 Efficient means you can analyze 100 deals in the same time it used to take you to analyze one deal
  • 10:1 Effectiveness means you can submit 10 conditional offers in the same time it takes you to submit 1
  • Filter hundreds deals by only the specific strategy you are looking to use.
  • Condense days into minutes by reducing the 15 steps to real estate success to only 6! That’s 60% less work!
  • Compress decades into days, days into hours, and hours into minutes. The Deal Intelligence Vault is there to make you more effective, more efficient and more profitable!

At the upcoming Real Estate Accelerator Summit, our expert speakers will guide you through the cutting-edge technology and features of the Di-VAULT (Deal Intelligence).

Learn how you can leverage these tools to make smarter investment decisions and generate higher returns. The Di-VAULT opens up how institutionals buy to retail investors, this technology will change how you buy and do diligence on investment properties.

Whether you’re a seasoned real estate investor or just starting out, the Real Estate Accelerator Summit is the perfect opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced market. Join us for a Friday evening kickoff and a full day of educational sessions and networking opportunities on Saturday.

Don’t miss this chance to step into the new era for real estate investors. Early bird tickets are on sale now until June 19 – Buy Now!

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