Purchase Real Commercial Real Estate As Easily As You Buy Stocks

This post is written by Arsh Singh, VP of Marketing and sponsored by Trusted Partner, Willow. To become a contributing editor, please contact our Real Estate Investor Solutions Specialist, David Maxwell at david@reincanada.com.

Investors understand that real estate is a solid investment. Yet the process of investing in real estate has traditionally been challenging, with high barriers to entry, high transaction costs, and time-consuming work. These problems are what Willow solves.

It started when CEO and co-founder Logan Yergens set out to invest in an income property with friends. The group was based in different provinces and had different incomes and tax hurdles. Discouraged by challenges they faced, splitting ownership, managing the asset, and high costs, they decided it wasn’t a good option for them. Logan then set out to build a company that would solve the problem for everyone and bring property investment to the masses.

Willow lets investors purchase commercial real estate as easily as they buy stocks. Investors enjoy property appreciation, passive income in the form of monthly rental earnings, tax efficiency through our fund structure, diversification, customized investment amounts, and liquidity, all in a hassle-free platform.

So how does it work, you might ask? Willow investors search for professionally sourced properties on the Willow marketplace. When they find an appealing property, they enter the number of shares they wish to purchase and hit submit. Willow takes care of the tenants, bookkeeping, taxes, insurance, repairs, bills, and everything else a landlord is responsible for. All the while, investors sit back and relax while the buildings appreciate. If a Willow investor needs to sell, they simply set their price on the Willow exchange. We call this investment category PropSharing.

We like to think of Willow as a REIT 2.0. We’re taking the best parts of direct real estate ownership and REITs and putting them into one easy-to-use product. You get to own pieces of buildings and participate in your fair share of income and revenue, but with liquidity and no hassle. Private ownership also means you’re not subject to the high volatility that publicly traded REITs can see, which is critical for your portfolio during stock market turbulence. Customizing your holdings also speaks to experienced real estate investors looking for specific types of exposure and prefer to hand pick their properties.

With so many options for real estate investment, we recognize the importance of having trusted options. We built the Willow platform from the ground up for all types of investors: Individual, advisor, and institutional. Not only that, we have a best-in-class team to service these diverse needs.

Our Chief Investment Officer, Kevin Huynh, is one of the brightest minds in real estate and joined Willow from Oxford Properties (60 billion AUM). There he led the Canadian Investment team in executing real estate acquisitions and dispositions, including the underwriting, negotiation and structuring of transactions for income-producing properties and the development of land across office, retail, industrial, multi-residential, life science and hospitality assets. Kevin has personally completed over 15 billion in real estate transactions.

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