Rapid Cash Success Story Featuring Rachel Oliver


Rachel Oliver, aka the “Queen of Rent to Own”, recently chatted with JG Francouer about how rent to own investing allowed her to leave her corporate job and achieve her own financial freedom by design.



When Rachel began looking at properties around 10 years ago, she focused on her “why”, which was to get out of her job and spend more time with her family. She loved her corporate career but had a shift in priorities due to a health-related setback, and was looking to real estate as an income replacement strategy.

However, according to Rachel, “tenants and toilets” aren’t for her, and she knew there had to be another way to invest that would allow her to create a lot of cash flow and feel gratified in doing so. Rachel investigated many different options, and rent to owns resonated with her because it would allow her to help a family get into real estate AND create substantial cash flow. To Rachel, it sounded like a match made in heaven.

Today, Rachel and her husband have now been investing with purpose for 10 years, and it became full-time for them about five years ago when they both left their jobs. For the first five years, they dabbled in rent to owns, getting their feet wet and going through the ups and downs of learning and perfecting a new strategy. Shifts in the market threw them curveballs, but they managed to stay focused, and it’s that focus that enabled their incredible success.

When they were first starting out, they learned another investor’s rent to own system. Once they got into the weeds of it, they started to decipher where his system made sense for them, and where it didn’t align with some their objectives and values. They were able to make adjustments, which boosted their sense of confidence and control.

Rachel and her husband have found joy, freedom, passion and contribution in being able to help other families afford homes. Rachel believes you have to do rent to owns from the purpose of helping another family overcome their challenges to get into home ownership, otherwise it can be very difficult to be successful. She also says you can’t do rent to owns properly unless you start with a proven system, like the one taught at the Rapid Cash Program.

Watch JG and Rachel’s full discussion to find out how Rachel re-engineered her approach to rent to owns to elevate her success as an investor, why rent to owns offer great exit strategies, and more.

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