The FAST Summit: Amazing Deals in the Hottest Locations… for ONE DAY ONLY! ??


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The FAST Summit – the first ever tradeshow for real estate investors – is quickly approaching! This is the FIRST time we have hosted an event of this kind and the REIN team is excited about the way it is coming together.

Patrick and JG recently chatted with James Knull of Mogul Realty Group about the work he has been doing behind the scenes to deliver some amazing investment opportunities to FAST Summit attendees.

According to James, “The FAST Summit isn’t just about bringing deals to the table, it’s about bringing EXCEPTIONAL deals to the table, and sometimes exceptional deals take some time to negotiate.”

James believes real estate is all about location and started by pinpointing some of the most desirable locations in Edmonton, focusing on where infrastructure is going, where money is being spent, and where people are investing their dollars.

Take a sneak peak at the deals James has in store…

Bonnie Doon

With billions of dollars being spent in the area, Bonnie Doon is an incredible area to invest. The LRT is slated to open soon and the transit-oriented development is EXACTLY where you want to be!

James has partnered with a developer to create a very perk-intensive deal. The bundle they have put together is going to make this a HIGHLY cash-flowing investment with a TON of extra security for the investor. The units are brand new and James says it’ll be a great “peace of mind investment” in a very hot location!

But that’s not all – there are three perks built on top of the deal that are going to make it even MORE investor-friendly. This deal is EXCLUSIVE to The FAST Summit and James can’t wait to share more details at the event.


Just north of downtown, the City of Edmonton wants to convert Blatchford to an eco-friendly, net-zero community. The area is the largest piece of undeveloped urban space of ANY city in Canada that is in close proximity to downtown.

James says the City of Edmonton recently released the first pieces of land available for builders to start developing units. They offered a discount for the initial phase of land to give builders who want to come in first an incentive to do so. While most builders are keeping the discount and building it into the price, James found a builder who has the BEST pricing in the entirety of phase one. They are passing the land savings onto the buyer to create sales velocity, building profit directly into the purchase price. James has even layered extra perks and discount levels onto the deal, which will be offered for ONE DAY ONLY at The FAST Summit.

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