The Firestarter

The latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire Podcast is now online!

“We step in for the energy, for the fresh perspective, to re-invent how we work and to ignite the imagination. Then we also come up with the tools to validate and create prototype and put stuff into reality.” – Robert Overweg

Special Guest: Robert Overweg

Robert Overweg is the founder of the Adaptable Mindset Program where he and his team empower his clients to create mental space and develop mental flexibility for finding new possibilities. Robert believes that in our rapidly changing world today, we continue to feel the impact of unpredictable events for which adaptability is essential. The Adaptable Mindset program has been applied at several Fortune 500 companies including Chanel and Heineken as well as multiple SMEs and innovative schools.

In this conversation Robert shares some of the many lessons learned on his life and business journey to becoming a top performing leader, and a Firestarter for organizations to ignite their imagination, re-energize their passion and integrate the shifts and changes necessary in a growth environment. Listen in as Robert describes the innovative approach he and his team undertake and what drives them to continue. At the heart of it all is simple curiosity.

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