Throwback Thursday – Self-Awareness

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“Why the conversation about mindset and why is it important? It’s not just about success, it’s not about getting shit done, it’s not about being uber successful in business or in life. It’s really how we approach business, how we approach life. It’s actually all about us and how we view the world.” 

– Patrick Francey

Mindset Matters: Throwback Thursday – Self-Awareness

In this throwback episode, Patrick and Steffany dive into the critical role of self-awareness in shaping our mindset. They explore how self-awareness—defined as the ability to focus inward and recognize how your actions, thoughts, and emotions align with your internal standards—is the first step in shifting your mindset. By understanding and acknowledging your belief systems, you can start to see how your beliefs influence your thoughts, which in turn affect your emotions, actions, and ultimately the results you get. These results then reinforce your beliefs and actions, creating a continuous loop.

Tune in as Patrick and Steffany discuss strategies for recognizing and shifting these belief systems, helping you to break free from limiting patterns and achieve a more empowered and intentional life. Join them for an insightful conversation on understanding and shifting your BS (belief systems)!

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