When JV Deals Go Bad

Patrick Francey and Tilt Property Group CEO & Founder Jared Hope were successful business partners for many years before their relationship went south. Having owned millions of dollars in real estate together, they recently reconnected and realized through their own evolution that they are stronger together than they are apart.

In our latest Facebook Live, JG Francoeur met with Patrick and Jared to discuss our upcoming A.C.R.E Investor Summit: Your Jumpstart to Wealth event in Edmonton and what they’re bringing to the table to make this year’s event better and more EPIC than ever before.

An experienced, in-the-trenches investor, Jared has used his mistakes to create two successful systems – the 8-Year Plan to Financial Certainty and the Big Brother Strategy. He will dive into his strategies in depth at A.C.R.E Investor Summit: Your Jumpstart to Wealth, showing you how to analyze a property at the 8-year mark to determine your next steps, how to identify how your actions fit your long-term plan and MORE.

Watch now to hear the lessons Patrick and Jared learned from their experience as joint venture partners & to find out why you can’t miss this year’s amazing A.C.R.E event!

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