In It to Win It Together

“We want to be part of people’s space to help them get grounded, to be a part of their journey forward in a really powerful way–an innovative way–and a way that drives success for them.”
Patrick Francey 

You’ve heard it said numerous times already: We are in unprecedented times. Though the full impact of COVID-19 on economic conditions is still unknown, there are actions and steps we can take in the face of such uncertainty. 

Innovation is showing up in a big way across the board. A new normal has emerged, and REIN is stepping up as a leader in innovation. The key for employers and business owners will be working together with their employees to step into this new reality and create new ways to do business. 

On the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Patrick and JG talk about the effects of the current global crisis on their businesses and discuss ideas and thought processes on how to weather through this storm–as individuals and as a community. They offer some guidance from their perspective as business owners on what steps to take and how to stay grounded, including an unexpected tip from JG’s coach that you may want to implement yourself!

Keep connected with REIN for support along this journey and know there is much more to come. #inittowinittogether 

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