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“People have the wrong mindset when they are investing in stocks, they’re always looking for returns vs. always looking to protect themselves. If you protect yourself, the profits come naturally and the profits are generally a lot bigger if you can avoid the downside.” – Chris Vermeulen

Special Guest: Chris Vermeulen

Chris Vermeulen is a financial expert who challenges conventional investing wisdom and believes that investors should only own rising assets. With over 25 years of experience, Chris shares an alternative investment style called Asset Revesting that allows investors to achieve higher returns, lower drawdowns, and profit from bear markets.

Chris founded, a platform that provides investors with Asset Revesting signals and education on using technical analysis and position and risk management. He is also the author of the books “Technical Trading Mastery” and “Asset Revesting,” his newest book, which explores this innovative investment method.

Chris’ investment philosophy is grounded in the belief that diversification and the buy-and-hold strategy can be dangerous for mature investors. Instead, he advocates for only owning assets that are rising in value, selling those that are in decline, and using technical analysis to identify and confirm these trends and price action. This approach helps investors achieve above-average returns while minimizing risk.

He is passionate about sharing his investment knowledge with others and is dedicated to helping investors achieve financial independence.

In this episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Chris shares how he got started and hooked on the stock market, what he is passionate about, the business ventures he’s undertaken and two life lessons that shaped how he both approached his own investing and how he advises others – systemize, have processes, manage your capital and protect your lifestyle. Chris describes the emotionality and expectation that often occurs in the markets, and the practical tools and resources can provide to mitigate emotions and help keep traders and investors grounded. At the root of it all, collaboration and helping people is what fuels Chris to be of contribution.

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