A Curious Mind Inspires Possibility

“I think there’s going to be a much higher primacy placed on trust. Trusting brands. That should inform the way that we, in turn, respond to our customers. We need to respond more transparently; what happens behind the scenes has to come to the front of the house now.” 
Charles McKee 

What will the “new world” look like after COVID-19? What response areas and relevant streams of understanding do all businesses need to contemplate in the context of market demand and client appetite? These are questions most of us are asking ourselves as we consider what life and business will be like going forward. Ultimately, transparency and trust will be the fundamental factors. 

Charles McKee—Executive Director of Markey Int’l, a privately held business advisory and investment firm focused on the airline, hospitality, and competitive sports sectors globally—offers his view of our current global health situation and the possibilities around recovery. Mindset plays a massive role in this transformation, and Charles imparts his viewpoint of the building blocks, actions, and choices needed on the other side of this pandemic. 

In the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Charles shares the lessons he learned while working with Richard Branson; his definition of success; and even his elevator pitch! Charlie also takes us through his process of identifying the conundrum, the problem to solve, and the underlying curiosity and confidence to address solutions from less obvious angles. You’ll also find out what Charles’ favourite Rudyard Kipling poem is and his favourite inspirational quote from Dr. Seuss. 

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