A Life of Amplified Impact

The latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire Podcast is now online!

“Not thinking just about the sticks and bricks and how many units it would take to acquire a billion dollars worth of assets but to think “how many families is that to serve?… At the end of the day if we get to a billion dollars and we haven’t made a meaningful impact on the world around us, then what was the point.” – Anthony Vicino

Special Guest:
Anthony Vicino

Anthony Vicino is a best-selling author, real estate investor, and serial entrepreneur committed to helping people maximize their Return on Life. He is the co-founding partner of Invictus Capital, a multifamily acquisition firm based in Minneapolis, MN with $15m in AUM, that provides busy working professionals with the opportunity to Invest Better. 

As the host of the “Multifamily Investing Made Simple” podcast and author of “Passive Investing Made Simple”, Anthony firmly believes investing shouldn’t be complicated, scary, or overwhelming.

In this episode, Anthony’s central theme is one of positive and overarching impact. From navigating the effects of circumstances in his early life and relationships that have had lasting lessons, to how he now chooses to show up in ways that broaden his perception and provide lasting fulfillment.

Listen in as Anthony talks about making a difference with his approach to business, proactive property management in an undulating world, prioritizing self-care and development, social capital and the importance of quality, reciprocal, relationships.

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