A Story-Teller’s Passion for Human-Centred Innovation

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We should put the human being back in the centre. If we do, it’s better for our society, but we’re also going to create better people, more happy, that are going to give so much more to our companies. We said earlier multiple times, that passion, love for what you do is indispensable.” -Mauro Porcini

Special Guest: Mauro Porcini

Mauro Porcini is PepsiCo’s first ever Chief Design Officer and SVP.

In the past eight years, he and his design team have won more than 1,100 design and innovation awards and in 2018 PepsiCo was recognized by Fortune in its Driven by Design list.

Previously 3M’s first Chief Design Officer, Mauro Porcini has been recognized with several personal awards, including Fortune’s 40 under 40, GQ Italia’s 30 Best Dressed Men, and Fast Company’s 50 Most Influential Designers in the United States. Based in New York City, Mauro was awarded with a knighthood (cavaliere) by the president of the Italian Republic in 2018.

In this episode, you will note the remarkable passion Mauro has for the values of kindness, love, and human-centred innovation. Mauro shares the inspiration and influence of his parents, and both the innate passion and self-developed growth and learning that has led him to achieve extraordinary results in his life thus far. Mauro’s book The Human Side of Innovation, The Power of People in Love with People, is a testament of his dedication to the belief that love for what we do creates life-changing innovation. His insights on design, innovation and indispensability are not only values-driven but also revolutionary.

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