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“In terms of measuring success, for me, the bar should always be moving. As soon as you get to a certain level and you accomplish that goal, you say: OK, well, what’s next? So, when you have that entrepreneur mindset, it’s about the journey, it’s not about actually getting to a specific spot. You’ve already moved that bar forward.” 

Shayle Rothman

Shayle Rothman is the managing partner and founder of Real Estate Lawyers.ca LLP, along with his partner, Eric. He has also been a real estate lawyer, REIN Legal Faculty, investor, and real estate mentor for over a decade. However, law wasn’t Shayle’s first or intended pursuit. Initially, he wanted to pursue his journey with McDonald’s and start his own franchise. Returning to further his education soon became his focus, but law intervened and became his passion. 

Shayle’s vision for his business mirrors his philosophy on success: it is a continual evolution, and he must remain fluid, aware, and forward-thinking. According to Shayle, there are four things that distinguish a successful investor from one who spins their wheels: Self-evaluation, systems, teams, and the right action. In addition, he believes the measurement of success is not static but rather a moving target that keeps us growing and evolving along our journey. 

In the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire and the first of a series featuring REIN Member guests, find out why Shayle decided to become a real estate lawyer and the aspects he thrives on the most. Shayle also shares about his partnership with Eric—what their mutual philosophy is and how they work to one another’s strengths and weaknesses to collaborate their vision for their business. 

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