Abundant Possibilities

“Instead of focusing on an industry, a widget, a service, or a product, focus inward. What would make you happy? What would make you proud? People want to have a sense of pride for the type of business they own.”
Careyann Goliver

Careyann Golliver is known as America’s Franchise Matchmaker™.  Her passion began when she helped grow her local family handyman business to the top-rated national franchise in the industry.  The company became so successful that in 2019 it was acquired by the largest retailer-owned hardware group in the world—Ace Hardware Corporation. Like millions of Americans, she worked for years in a business that wasn’t all hers and longed to build something that she could call her own. Eventually, she found the courage to take the leap and founded her company, Franchise Logic. 

There are many factors to consider—such as affordability, strengths, and weaknesses—before leaping into a franchise business and Careyann assesses all of them when pairing clients to their franchise dreams. She emphasizes the importance of completing all avenues of due diligence before pulling the trigger. The relationship between franchisor and franchisee will ideally be a long business marriage and needs to be a good fit. With Careyann’s guidance, she walks her clients through all the stages of the prices to ensure a perfect match is made. 

In the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Careyann walks us through the process of franchise matchmaking—from a suitability questionnaire to finding a match and what it looks like from a financing point of view. Considering a franchise investment? Careyann shares some questions you should consider and be prepared for a possible surprising result! Many people end up in businesses they weren’t expecting to be interested in. 

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