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ACRE Edmonton was epic (see video below)! We transformed lives forever and now we’re excited for Vancouver happening November 2-4, 2018.

So here’s why you need to SIGN UP and get to the Vancouver ACRE.

  1. There is a massive transportation effect in place at the moment which is creating new opportunities for you. 
  2. We will be presenting advanced investing strategies like agreements for sale, rent to own and others to open up new investing opportunities for you so you can profit in all markets
  3. We’ve never had such precise research information available for British Columbia. As we’ve updated our market reports for your cities, it’s driving opportunities for you to cash in
  4. We will be digging deep into the mortgage industry, the difficulty in getting mortgages and how REIN members can overcome the odds
  5. BIG BONUS: We have a phenomenal VVIP guest speakers from Google Canada who will give you an unprecedented look into the future and access to information for you to catapult your investing success.

SIGN UP and get to the Vancouver ACRE


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