An Entrepreneur’s Journey

“Even though I was hitting these roadblocks it didn’t change my north star. I didn’t have the luxury of simply saying, ok that didn’t work, what’s next?” – Dwayne Stewart

Dwayne Stewart shares his story about his hop business: how things quickly progressed after May 2017, the unexpected sharp turn it took, and the fallout with his investors in 2018.

A breakdown in government promises made local buying decisions too difficult for his buyers’ bottom line. The chain reaction of that breakdown was linear and swift. Dwayne quickly learned his market’s philosophical motivation was understandably trumped by their intrinsic motivation.

On the latest episode of The Everyday MillionaireDwayne shares how a  pivotal phone call in August 2018 lifted Dwayne’s gaze from his determined singular focus to a broad strategic opportunity right under his nose and the crucial skill he developed in order to manage his mindset. 

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