An Incredible Apprenticeship for Significant Contribution

“That’s another part of the healing journey. For me it looks like – you can’t change your past, what’s the next best thing you can do? You can change somebody else’s future.” 
-Shenan Charania

Shenan Charania works as a Transformative Leadership and Performance coach. His work is about pointing his clients to explore their fundamental potential, then helping them live what they discover out in the world in the most creative, effective and sustainable way possible.

Shenan has reinvented himself throughout his life always searching for a deeper and more meaningful connection to his soul. 

After moving with his family to Vancouver Canada at the age of 11 and facing a deep culture shock amongst other unseen challenges in this new country, Shenan found himself reacting to his environment with aggression which led to him making poor choices early in life. Before he could fully grasp the results of these choices, he found himself in a destructive, gang-related lifestyle.  

He led himself back out of what seemed like an impossible journey from a life filled with confusion and pain to achieve his dream of owning his own business. 

At age 29, he was the owner of a restaurant that was doing incredibly well but he found himself not fulfilled with his surroundings. He felt stuck and confused. It was then that he discovered his true passion and it was in the service of others. 

Shenan now works with men, women and families who are willing to explore themselves and live from their highest capacity in the most ordinary and inevitable way, helping them design their lives with less restrictions, deeper connections, and meaningful experiences that is completely unique to them. He also volunteers his time to work with youth at risk inside of schools, and in external programs alongside teachers, police officers and community leaders helping to bring awareness, solutions and creating opportunities for a more inclusive, transparent and functional society.

​​​​​On the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Shenan discusses how his approach to coaching has changed in the past few years, and shares his perspective on how his style of coaching is of benefit and value to anyone who is looking for extraordinary results. He also talks about the distinction between the brain and the mind, the similarity between all human beings regardless of culture, and more!

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